Principal’s Patch 17th October 2019

Keith Maxwell McKenzie Will Trust Grant

This week our Student Representative Council unveiled a wonderful addition to our library – a brand new collection of 220 non-fiction books suitable for Prep – Year 6.

The gift was made possible because of the generosity of Keith Maxwell McKenzie Will Trust, in honour of the teacher whose passion for education, children and their welfare transcended life itself to provide joy and learning long after his passing.  This collection has pride of place in the middle of our library and borrowing has already commenced.  A special nameplate denotes these books purchased with the $5,000 donated, expressing our appreciation for Keith’s generosity.

Fiction and non-fiction as text types place different demands on
readers (Hammond & Nessel, 2011; Opitz, Rubin, &
Erekson, 2011). Yopp & Yopp (2006, p. 37), along
with numerous other writers, maintain that there
should be MUCH more reading of non-fiction texts as
they “provide answers to children’s questions about
their world and build background knowledge crucial
to text comprehension.”

Our Staff are out of this world (or off the planet!)

They say that being an astronaut is easy if you have a good altitude; and whilst we couldn’t have real astronauts visit us (the cost was astronomical), our Year 6 students were over the moon when their teachers came dressed the part as a stimulus for their writing.  The children had so many activities, including making space food, (the space food restaurant wouldn’t make the good food guide though – it had no atmosphere!)  Of course, the kids heard a million dad jokes that day, but most went over their heads.  Dear teachers, Yoda best!

Beacy’s Got Talent

Every other year we enjoy a celebration of the richness of the diversity of talent that our children bring to our school and our lives in “Beacy’s got talent”.  Every second year, each level puts forward representatives to share music (Senior Choir, Rebecca M, Talia M and Esther R. pictured), dance, magic (Mathijs C and Ben S) and this year, even a comedian (Lily B – watch for her in years to come!) and we have the opportunity to enjoy the talents of many as we narrow down to the final few acts shared at a whole school event.  On this day, we are all winners as these wonderful talents perform for their peers and teachers.

Congratulations to Erin S. – Grey Wolf

Erin S, who attends 1st Beaconsfield-Officer Scout Group was awarded her Grey Wolf badge on Tue 8th October.
The Grey Wolf Award is the highest achievement for a Cub,  It is the Cub’s equivalent to the Queen Scout Award and Erin to complete:

  • The Gold Boomerang
  • attend at least 4 outdoor activities in the past year.
    • One must be an overnight camp
    • One must be an inter-pack activity
    • One must be a bushwalk, of at least 2 hours, planned and led by the cub.
    • Any other outdoor activity
  • Have attended at least 2 pack councils in the past year
  • Have completed at least 4 Level Two badges, including one from each category
  • Have completed a special interest badge
  • and present a resource for your pack, based on the Jungle Books.

It was hard work to complete all the requirements, but she enjoyed every part of it.

Congratulations Erin!

Principal’s Patch 22nd August 2019


Book Week – Dress up

On Monday 17th of August we celebrated Book Week along with libraries and schools right across Australia. Throughout this week our teachers have conducted lots of activities celebrating our great Australian and overseas authors and illustrators, and reminding us all about the importance of reading.

One of our favourite Book Week activities is when the children come to school dressed as their favourite characters and the celebrations certainly brought out the best in costume design this year with an amazing collection of characters from their books. We certainly have a creative community and our students shared their favourite stories and characters with their teachers and friends. I am sure the costumes get better and better each year!

Science Night – We have lift off!

Our science team have worked so hard over the last few years to develop an interesting program to hook students into STEM and give them the basics of how the world works from a science/technology point of view and it was quite appropriate to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with this very special night all about the moon. A big thanks to the parents, children and teachers who came in and made this night so much fun!


Leadership Lunch with Brad Battin

Brad Battin hosted his annual Leadership Lunch on the 7th of August with our four school captains, they were given the opportunity to meet with their peers from every primary school from the Gembrook electorate.  Brad delivered an inspiring analysis of the nature of leadership whilst the children enjoyed pizza and soft drinks and had the opportunity to talk with and learn with their peers. A big thanks to Brad Battin for taking the time to engage and listen to the youth of Gembrook and work to develop their leadership skills.


NAIDOC week was celebrated across Beaconsfield Primary School with artwork, stories and Aboriginal perspectives of our history shared across all year levels. Our Koorie children attended a special celebration at John Henry PS in Pakenham, joining with hundreds of Koorie kids from across our network. Australia’s precious Aboriginal cultural heritage, stretching back some 60,000 years gives us a rich and colourful insight into the earliest stories, dance and artwork of the oldest and longest lasting civilisation in the world. Our Preps, Oscar and Archie are pictured here sharing a story on how the birds got their colours.

Staff News

I would like to officially congratulate Heidi Inglis on securing the position as Assistant Principal of Beaconsfield Primary School joining Mrs. Amos and myself in the principalship. Heidi has been working in an acting position for the last 3 years or so, and her work with our staff has been vital in securing a strong and viable curriculum and, through the implementation of PLC’s, securing the PLC vehicle for continuous teacher growth and development. Working with our PLC leaders, Heidi has played a large part in “bumping up” our skills and inspiring us all to be our best, leading the work to shape us as a link school. Most important however is her love and care for our Beacy kids, for whom she has worked so tirelessly  – Heidi embodies the Beacy spirit and today we celebrate her step into the Principalship.

Cheers Gary.

Principal’s Patch 23rd July 2019

Principal’s Patch

New Maths Equipment

The Late Keith Mackenzie was a Primary School teacher and he taught and loved mathematics.  His will established the Keith Maxwell Mackenzie Will Trust and his trustees have agreed to make a donation in honour of Keith’s memory of $10,000 for the purchase of library books and maths equipment for our children.  Securing this grant will enable Beaconsfield Primary School to replace, renew and add to Maths equipment in every room so that every teacher and child can access everything they need for their learning in Mathematics.  Today, our children inspected the arrival of the first tranche of maths equipment, before it was dispatched to classrooms.  Dozens of metre rules, MAB, dominos, cards, counters, unifix blocks and literally hundreds of calculators were distributed to classes and our Mathematics leader Cathryn Speed is still ordering as fast as she can process the equipment.

We gratefully and humbly acknowledge the kindness and generosity of the late Keith Mackenzie, who even in death continues to contribute to the children and schools he loved and to his trustees for making this gift available to Beaconsfield Primary School.


It takes a team to build a dream!


By NASA Neil A. Armstrong – Great Images in NASA

Fifty years ago in my Yr. 6 year, we were herded into the Classroom to watch Neil Armstrong take the first step in the moon, it felt like everyone on earth had stopped to take in this moment.  It was a remarkable achievement just 66 years after the Wright brothers took their first flight and still rates as one of humankind’s biggest achievements.  The Apollo project consumed an estimated 5.25 billions hours, so it would take one person 1.5 million years to accomplish a task this size alone – teamwork makes this possible.  Teamwork is highly valued and highly encouraged at Beacy and from the earliest ages, our students are encouraged to work together, collaborating, exploring and learning together.  Interestingly, teachers learn the same way.  Like so many occupations today, the adults are learners too and we have invested heavily in the development of our Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) where our teachers collaborate to work effectively as a team to make the best decisions on student learning possible.  The achievement of our teachers has been recognised by the Department who have made us one of 5 link schools for our Region. Starting in 2020, our teachers will be sharing our success with other schools from Port Melbourne to Mallacoota!  I am very proud of the efforts of our teachers – You could say, I am over the moon!

Our children learn in teams – and so do our teachers.


Power outage next Wednesday
Talking about the olden days, our kids are going to get a good taste of it next Wednesday 31st July when we lose power for the day.  They can pretend that it’s 1969, before the internet, electronic equipment and decent heating.  Make sure you dress them warmly to cope with the cold and don’t forget that our phones will be dodgy without the power.  We will have our school mobile charged to contact emergency services or you if we need to.  Oh and one more thing – NO CANTEEN!

Principal’s Patch 4th June 2019

Long Weekend – Curriculum Day 11th June

The Queen’s Birthday is next Monday and our Curriculum Day will be on Tuesday 11th June, making it a long weekend for our students.  We will be undertaking work on our Professional Learning Teams because our teacher teams are the engines that drive this school and this is our opportunity for a tune-up. Our PLC’s are examining:
-“collective efficacy”
– team development
– Data – how do we know our kids are learning?
– Looking below the surface

Curriculum Day – No children are required Monday or Tuesday next week.


Acknowledgement – Estate of the late Keith Maxwell Mackenzie

The Late Keith Mackenzie was a Primary School teacher and had a lifetime interest in education and the well-being of children; he loved and taught mathematics.  His will established the Keith Maxwell Mackenzie Will Trust and his trustees have agreed to make a donation in honour of Keith’s memory of $10,000 for the purchase of library books and maths equipment for our children. We gratefully and humbly acknowledge the kindness and generosity of the late Keith Mackenzie, who even in death continues to contribute to the children and schools he loved and to his trustees for making this gift available to Beaconsfield Primary School. 


Beacy Bats Blitz

The Beacy Bats aerobics team put on a stunning display of skill at last week’s assembly delighting student, teachers and parents alike.  Synchronised smiles, show hands, joy and movement demonstrated to all how they won 1st and 4th at the recent interschool competition.  We really appreciate the effort that the Beacy Bats and their positive approach to performances, and would like to thank their volunteer coach Hayley Dimitrakis in preparing them.  Hayley and all of the parents have invested a lot of their time to ensure the girls have been able to compete.  Well done everyone!

New Outdoor Classroom Opens

A beautiful sunny May morning and the builder is putting the final touches to our new outdoor classroom adjoining the Wetlands. The stepped seating, covering a heavily eroded embankment, not only makes the area safer, but adds an area that can be used for Reading, Writing or Science classes on those warmer Spring, Summer and Autumn mornings.  A new jetty gives the children easier access to the water and allows them to pursue their interests, in particular fishing!

Lilly and Emily are passing the time fishing for Yabbies

Everybody loves a spot of fishing in the wetlands!

Principal’s Patch 9th May 2019


There will be a special guest at Assembly on Monday.  If everything goes according to plan, ex-student Andrew Swift will be visiting at 2:50 pm to play for the students.  Andrew won two Golden Guitar awards at Tamworth this year and we will have the opportunity to hear him perform at Assembly.


NAPLAN is scheduled to run over the next two weeks for Yrs. 3 and 5.  We encourage every child to have a go and do their best.  Make sure that your students have had a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast; and if they are at all worried, give them some reassurance that all you expect, is that they have a go! No pressure please.


A big thanks to Parents and Friends for funding our new bike shed roof.  Completed by our builder, Guy, the children have a dry secure area in which they can leave their bikes and scooters.

The Parents and Friends have given so much of their time to our kids this week organising the Mothers Day Stall and running the Mothers Day stalls yesterday.  We are very grateful for the huge contribution these mum’s make, not only financially, but in terms of creating a lovely culture and feel around this community!











We will have some 14 Casual Teaching staff in on Friday to take grades as our P-2 teachers undertake the first of three major Professional Development days with researchers from Monash University on Maths.   We are hoping that the P-2 Fostering Inquiry in Maths Research will have a huge positive impact upon our teaching of Maths for many years to come.  Permission forms have been sent home to parents in P-2 to participate in classes with the researchers and your child’s teachers; could you kindly return these ASAP.


Our ANZAC service was conducted by the SRC in the Remembrance Garden with each SRC member playing their part to explain the significance of the occasion and familiarise our students with the story and associated traditions.  A big thank you to Suzanne Humphries for her work with our SRC reps and for Heidi for her stage management and organisation skills.  I am always struck by simple beauty of children speaking to their peers around such solemn occasions and the awesome silence of 715 respectful children.


We had an enormous turn out of parent supporters for our Cross Country run last week and I would like to thank Anthony Cole and our teachers for their work over the morning to make this a success and our parent community for coming in to cheer the kids on.  Our parent photographers, Susanne and Mandy captured these two beautiful images of our Preps on their first run that really seem to capture the spirit of the sport in the faces of our children – determination and a sense of fun!


There have been 40,000 cases of the flu reported in Australia so far this year, that’s 3 times more than last year’s total at this time.  The Health Department estimates that there will be 4,000 deaths from the 2,000,000 people who will catch the flu this year based on these figures.  I urge you to protect you and your family this year by having a flu shot.



Meet Robyn (left – Mon – Fri), Melissa (Centre Wed – Thurs) and Elise (Right – Wed – Fri), together with (Sarah (Mon-Tue) they are doing a brilliant job running our office.  Whilst you may have seen Melissa and Elise helping since the start of the year, Robyn is brand new in from Kilberry Valley PS and brings heaps of experience, gentle humor and fun! I hope you get to meet them all soon.


Best wishes to our Muslim families observing Ramadan this month; a time of fasting, prayer, reflection and charity.

Cheers Gary

Principal’s Patch 27th March 2019

My goodness – How time flies.  I must apologise that it has been so long between newsletter items but I promise that we have been working hard for our school and have lots of good news to share.

Chaplaincy Grant:

This month, we secured a $20,000 grant to fund our Chaplaincy program for 2019; having self-funded this program for some years now. Our Chaplain, Glenn Douglas provides a vital service to children in terms of their sense of well-being and is a key support when the children are trying to make sense of death, divorce or other issues, such as anxiety.  Feedback from our children and you, our community informs me that we are all enriched through Glenn’s positive impact on our children and community – we really need 2 or 3 Glenns at Beacy!

Research Grant:

Another exciting win in March for our Prep – 2 teachers and students was a $40,000 submission to and grant from the CASS Foundation to undertake research with Monash University in conjunction with Dr. Jill Cheeseman.  Our teachers will investigate rich tasks in Mathematics that encourage children to use their newly acquired Maths concepts to play mathematical games, use rich mathematical language and problem solve and reason to foster high levels of curiosity and excitement in maths.  Dr. Jill Cheeseman has researched and developed a huge range of exemplar strategies and activities.  Our teachers from P-2 will have an additional 3 days of high quality professional development and have already began testing the children to gain a high understanding of their mathematical thinking strategies and we believe the research will have a huge impact on student maths outcomes now and into the future!  I applaud our dedicated teachers for thinking beyond the existing structures of our program and strive to achieve the absolute best for our kids!

Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow

The World’s Greatest Shave saw Hayden M. lose his hair as family friend Mel Berry lopped off his famous pony tail!  Hayden explained to our assembly how the$500+ he raised was going to research to find treatments and cures for leukaemia, lymphomas and other blood cancers and disorders.  This is something very close to our hearts with a former student and his much loved family enduring this disorder and treatment, fresh in our minds.  With the sad events of Christchurch just a few weeks ago, it is easy to think of the world as a sad and frightening place, where evil lurks and threatens us all – a place where bad things happen.  But kids like Hayden represent everything that is good about this world; someone who gives and contributes to make this world a better place; looking for opportunities to make a difference.  When you feel like the world is going to hell in a handcart – thank God you can look around Beacy Primary School and see kids who are passionate to do what they can to make this world a better place.

Bunyip Fires

On the 14th March, our SRC organised the “Wear Red” day, a fund-raiser for those in desperate need as a result of the Bunyip fires.  They raised $1,200 for the cause and former Assistant Principal, now Community Fire Officer, John Legione, came out to thank the SRC children and offered them an insight into the fire and its impact on the Bunyip State Park and surrounding homes and farms.  Again, you can be proud that our children are caring and compassionate for those in need around us; that they would decide together to reach out and help those who need emergency assistance.  Every time your child supports a student fundraiser, or Parents and Friends selling Easter Raffle tickets, or comes to school with money to buy an ANZAC day badge, you can remind them that, in even a small way, they are making our world a better place bit by bit.  Our kids are capable of tremendous energy and positivity to work for what they believe in, and you as parents nurture this positive belief in our kids that will help them throughout life and I am grateful to your nurturing families and my caring staff, working together to raise these wonderful people so wise and kind beyond their years.










School Council 

Our Annual General Meeting of School Council was held on Monday night, re-electing Tammy McHattie to the position of School Council President.  Catherine Pattison will support her as Vice President.  We farewelled Donna Swan, Doug Grant and Ken Jewitt.  Donna supported and liaised with Parents and Friends, contributing much to the maintaining the culture of care in both groups.  Doug and his family have been exceedingly generous to us, particularly in HPV.  Doug donated so much money time and hard work in building our HPV trailer, and his technical assistance and work (in his factory at the time) kept HPV running as a tip-top program!  Ken supported our school behind the scenes keeping an eagle eye on the finances.  His accounting background, diligence and friendly advice has helped ensure high levels of compliance and built a sense of confidence and trust in School Council that is so appreciated.

We welcomed Peter Raja and Rob Harper as new parent members, joining Brett Lynn, Jason MacKenzie, Kristy Ratten, Narelle Scott and Peter Shearer.  School Council will be reviewing documentation around our child safe policies, preparing for a self evaluation of performance, setting a new strategic direction and undertaking some rather impressive buildings and grounds work, starting Easter holidays and supporting the students, teachers and parents of this educational community.

For many years, we have been blessed with School Councils made up of parents who are as driven as our staff to do everything they can to make this school successful.  Thank you to School Council, P&F and all of the individual parents who make this school the wonderful place it is!

Cheers  Gary

Principal’s Post – 15th February 2019


Berwick Secondary College recognition of 2018 Yr 12 Students.

Two past Beacy Students were acknowledged for their 2018 VCE performance.  Daniel L. was awarded for “Top Subject Score” and Caitlyn F received awards for Top 10 ATAR, Top Subject Score and Study Score over 40 in two subjects.  Congratulations to the two of you.

Principal’s Patch – 31st January 2019

Welcome Back to School for 2019

Welcome back to all of our students and families returning to Beaconsfield Primary School and a special welcome to all of our new families and children who are starting at Beaconsfield for the very first time.  Our first day of school was so exciting as children worked in their new grades for the very first time, getting to know their new teachers and new peers.  The positive approach of all of our parents contributed to the sense of occasion and festivity of the first day of school.  It was also our first “Extreme Heat” day as the thermometer passed the 37C and the children spent their 2nd lunchtime inside.

Prep first day

Holly completes a puzzle in record time.            Harrison building his lego house.

New Prep teacher Tara Costello celebrates her Preps first day of school.

Hooray Hooray – no tears today!

Our newest preps started back today (Thursday) and it is still one of those times that fills the little ones with joy and wonder.  Whilst is can cause “butterflies in the stomach” for children, their parents (and their teachers); it is a magical day that lives on in our memories as something very special.  My advice to you as Principal is to read with your Prep child every night, minimise screen time for optimal brain/behavioural development, make sure they eat healthily and get a good sleep every night, and share lots of positive family talks and time together!

I would also encourage you all as our new prep parents to introduce yourselves to each other and get to know each other.  Friends made by parents in their child’s first year often last a lifetime!

Meet our newest teachers:

A big welcome to our new teachers for 2019.  We have:

Rhys Buckingham 3/4     Laura Griffiths 3/4           Danielle Gittens Art

Di Golemac Yr. 1                Tara Costello Prep (for Midge Meixner)

Rhys, Danielle and Tara may be familiar to you as they have worked here as relieving teachers, and Di is an ongoing staff member who has had many adventures on family leave and working in another school.  We hope you all enjoy a long career in teaching and a very special time with us at Beaconsfield.

Andrew Swift wins two awards at the 2019 Golden Guitar Awards       (Photo: ABC News)


Former Beaconsfield PS student Andrew Swift performed at the 2019 CMAA Golden Guitar Awards on the 26th of January.

Andrew’s album “Call out the Cavalry” has been a hit and Andrew received 4 nominations all up and won gold for “Alt Country Album of the Year” and “New Talent of the Year”.  We are all so proud of this incredibly talented and hard working musician and wish him all the best for a wonderful career!

Cheers, Gary

Principals Patch

Congratulation Year 6 Graduates

Our Year 6 students have excelled in their academic, sports and arts performances this year; but what stands out for me is the maturity of the group in terms of their kindness and respect for others.  Whether a child wears a captain’s badge is immaterial compared to maturity and respect in dealing with their classmates and the empathy and care they show for others.  The class of 2018 possess these qualities in abundance.  You are a credit to your teachers, parents and yourselves and on behalf of the Beaconsfield Educational community, I would like to wish you all the best for the future!

Thank you for your support

We have come to the end of another year and would like to thank you all for your support throughout 2019.  I am incredibly proud of my staff who have supported our children and families so capably throughout the year.  They have worked so hard to create professional learning communities that have truly boosted the level of care for each child and improved our teaching strategies during 2019.  I love the way that treat each child as you would your own and I cannot thank you enough for all of the work you undertake to create the amazing opportunities our children enjoy.  We farewell Kath Jacques from Prep who is heading to Queensland to live and Jess Beilby a respected senior teacher who is leaving us to pursue opportunities closer to home. Farewell to Deanna too, who is off to Garfield to undertake a new role as Business Manager.  Thank you all for your service to this community.  Thanks to our Office Staff and Integration Aides who undertake such precious duties caring for our community; you always exceed my expectations and I appreciate your ability to deal with the most difficult and delicate situations.  My thanks to Linda Amos and Heidi Inglis, who make this job possible for our staff and for me especially.  You make an enormous contribution to the welfare of our staff, students and parents and your leadership is as inspirational as it is supportive.

A big thank you to School Council and Parents and Friends for your devotion to making Beaconsfield and this school a better place.  The cooperation of these two important groups has created a most harmonious environment for teaching and learning.  Thank you to our parents who love and support their children become the best that they can be.  Your collaboration with your child’s teachers support all of us and make for a truly friendly and positive environment.  Finally I would like to thank our children.  My Captains, SRC reps, Year Six children and all of the child who take on role modelling, buddy and leadership roles set a warm, respectful and tone that makes our school a happy and safe environment for everyone.  Christmas is a joyous time for all with family and friends, and a very special time for our Christian community.  May I wish you all a happy and holy Christmas.

Cheers Gary (and Merry Christmas from Linda and Heidi too!)

Principal’s Patch – 30 November 2018

2018 Writing Competition

Writing is magical.  For over 5,000 years, people have been recording their thoughts and ideas on clay tablets, and paper allowing the communication of ideas and information and the passing down of knowledge and wisdom through the ages.  With our electronic tablets and screens, writing has not lost its importance or magic and much of a teacher’s work is encouraging children to develop their writing skills.

Our Inaugural Writing Competition was held this year with many children entering for small prizes and the right to be published in our first Anthology.  A big thanks to Claire Frith and Joy de Villers who invested so much of their personal time in encouraging children to write for the competition.  Claire writes:

It was great to see so many children enter writing pieces in the writing competition this year.  It was very difficult selecting a winning entry from each year level, as the standard of entries was so high.  There was such an interesting variety of topics presented.  I would like to thank all of the children who worked hard and with enthusiasm to enter the 2018 Writing Competition.  Also, well done to the first place prize winners.  They are pictured below, proudly holding up their published work.  All published work was illustrated by children throughout the school.

Claire Frith

Writers: Archie, Talia, Noah, Kaiyah, Madeline, Sara and Jordan.

Millie’s  our Champ!

Millie E. was our representative recently at the Primary School Deaf Games and in typical Millie fashion, she played hard, made friends and had oodles of fun.  A big thanks to Christina Monk our dedicated visiting teacher who looks after Millie and other children with hearing impairments to make sure they always have the best of specialised care!  Millie writes:

On Thursday 1st November at 10am-2pm I went to the Primary School Deaf Sports Day at Doncaster Athletics Track. I was part of the Visiting Teacher Service team with other people from different schools. I went to have fun and meet other kids with hearing aids. My activities were dancing, balancing, gymnastics, parachute and a running race (which I came 2nd). My favourite activity was dancing. I also made a new friend called Karly. It was so much fun.  Millie E.














Boys finish in the top 8 in the State

This week, the Boys All Stars team competed in the state finals at Dandenong Basketball Stadium. The boys started fantastically by winning their first four games and finishing on top of their pool. Unfortunately, the boys lost their quarter finals by 5 points meaning that they were eliminated and just short of playing off before an NBL game in two weeks time.  Out of the 400 Boys All Star teams that entered this competition, to come in the top 8 is a significant achievement and their coach, Nick O’Shea, couldn’t be more proud!  Just as winning can be inspiring; losing with grace and good sportsmanship is honorable too and these boys have been incredible representatives for Beaconsfield for this reason.  Congratulations boys!

Beacy Mystics show their magic

The Beacy Mystics, a mixed basketball team played in the final round of State basketball at Dandenong today in the Hooptime competition.  Although they didn’t compete in the grand final, our players played 3 games in competition and 2 fun games on top of that and demonstrated their sportsmanship, their sense of fun and willingness to always do their best!  A big thanks to Mr Jeffries, their coach and to the parents who have supported them all the way through the series.  What an honour to place within the top 32 out of 2,000 teams!

Well done Mystics!

Human Powered Vehicles take on Maryborough

One of our largest HPV teams ever competed at Maryborough last weekend and the children performed especially well!  The 3 teams, Wasp, Ironman and Storm were performing in top gear coached by Anthony Cole and Kat Audsley and the vehicles were in top form too, thanks to the parents who have worked so hard over the last month or two.  The emphasis of Maryborough was simply “enjoy the ride and the companionship”; but we were all pleasantly surprised when Storm, having won the Primary School Series this year, won second place behind the Ant Hill Mob, a crew composed of some of Beacy’s finest riders from the past.  The sportsmanship and fellowship was enjoyed by every team member and we are very proud of our emergent and experienced teams.  A big thank you to our parent supporters (esp. Matt Fenner and Jason McKenzie who seemed to be in the Tec Shed whenever I looked there), to teachers Anthony and Kat, who give up their time every week and so many weekends for our children and to the parents who took time off work to support their children and our teams.

Cheers, Gary





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