Principal’s Patch 17th October 2019

Keith Maxwell McKenzie Will Trust Grant

This week our Student Representative Council unveiled a wonderful addition to our library – a brand new collection of 220 non-fiction books suitable for Prep – Year 6.

The gift was made possible because of the generosity of Keith Maxwell McKenzie Will Trust, in honour of the teacher whose passion for education, children and their welfare transcended life itself to provide joy and learning long after his passing.  This collection has pride of place in the middle of our library and borrowing has already commenced.  A special nameplate denotes these books purchased with the $5,000 donated, expressing our appreciation for Keith’s generosity.

Fiction and non-fiction as text types place different demands on
readers (Hammond & Nessel, 2011; Opitz, Rubin, &
Erekson, 2011). Yopp & Yopp (2006, p. 37), along
with numerous other writers, maintain that there
should be MUCH more reading of non-fiction texts as
they “provide answers to children’s questions about
their world and build background knowledge crucial
to text comprehension.”

Our Staff are out of this world (or off the planet!)

They say that being an astronaut is easy if you have a good altitude; and whilst we couldn’t have real astronauts visit us (the cost was astronomical), our Year 6 students were over the moon when their teachers came dressed the part as a stimulus for their writing.  The children had so many activities, including making space food, (the space food restaurant wouldn’t make the good food guide though – it had no atmosphere!)  Of course, the kids heard a million dad jokes that day, but most went over their heads.  Dear teachers, Yoda best!

Beacy’s Got Talent

Every other year we enjoy a celebration of the richness of the diversity of talent that our children bring to our school and our lives in “Beacy’s got talent”.  Every second year, each level puts forward representatives to share music (Senior Choir, Rebecca M, Talia M and Esther R. pictured), dance, magic (Mathijs C and Ben S) and this year, even a comedian (Lily B – watch for her in years to come!) and we have the opportunity to enjoy the talents of many as we narrow down to the final few acts shared at a whole school event.  On this day, we are all winners as these wonderful talents perform for their peers and teachers.

Congratulations to Erin S. – Grey Wolf

Erin S, who attends 1st Beaconsfield-Officer Scout Group was awarded her Grey Wolf badge on Tue 8th October.
The Grey Wolf Award is the highest achievement for a Cub,  It is the Cub’s equivalent to the Queen Scout Award and Erin to complete:

  • The Gold Boomerang
  • attend at least 4 outdoor activities in the past year.
    • One must be an overnight camp
    • One must be an inter-pack activity
    • One must be a bushwalk, of at least 2 hours, planned and led by the cub.
    • Any other outdoor activity
  • Have attended at least 2 pack councils in the past year
  • Have completed at least 4 Level Two badges, including one from each category
  • Have completed a special interest badge
  • and present a resource for your pack, based on the Jungle Books.

It was hard work to complete all the requirements, but she enjoyed every part of it.

Congratulations Erin!

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