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Welcome Back to Term 4 (Already?!)
We hope you all had a restful break and are all ready for a busy term ahead. This term we have many things to look forward to like camps, excursions and sporting events. We hope that our students and teachers enjoy their camping experiences and that the weather holds out for them! Gary, Heidi and I love to join our kids on camp and are hoping that at least one of us will be able to drop in for a visit on the upcoming camps.  Keep an eye on the blogs for photos.

Cyber Safety

We have been having a number of conversations with our students about cyber safety.  It seems that some of our students are accessing social media accounts such as Tic Toc, Instagram and Facebook.  Social media accounts usually require users to be at least 13 years of age to sign up. Prior to this age (and sometimes beyond) they are not ready to handle the very complex minefield that can exist in an online environment.  Please ensure that your children know that the internet is a public space — nothing is private, and that they should be vigilant in protecting their private information.  Parents should be monitoring any online activity, to help guide their children and help them to navigate safely.  Below is a link to very useful website to help parents deal with raising children in a digital world.

Prep Transition

It has been lovely to see our next year’s prep children coming in for their transition sessions and their EYE assessments.  These sessions provide excellent opportunities for us to get to know each other and help to provide a smooth transition into their new environment.

Planning for 2020

We are commencing our planning for 2020. This can only be done when we have accurate enrolment numbers, and therefore we appreciate early notification of people enrolling or exiting for 2020.

Often parents worry about how their children will cope in a new classroom with a new teacher and with new friends. From experience, we have found that our children are far more resilient than you think and actually revel in the opportunity presented in experiencing new things. Our teachers benefit from being moved around the school too! Our current method of mixing up the groupings for various learning experiences, actually provides opportunities for children to work with friends and teachers in other classes. Over the next few weeks our Student Welfare team are working on running activities so that our children meet other children and teachers from different grade levels, hopefully this will help to alleviate anxiety about making new friends.

Should you have requests for 2020 they must be put in writing and submitted to the Office by November 11. Any requests based on sound educational reasons will be considered but this does not necessarily mean that they will, or can be accommodated. Our teaching staff always take into consideration friendship groups, social/emotional implications and educational reasons when placing students in classes. Requests for individual teachers or requests based on gender will not be considered.

In the near future the children will be asked to list a group of approximately five friends. It may prove useful for parents to discuss this with their children.

Only this year’s requests are considered therefore any requests need to be put in writing each year.

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