Principal’s Patch 17th October 2019

Keith Maxwell McKenzie Will Trust Grant

This week our Student Representative Council unveiled a wonderful addition to our library – a brand new collection of 220 non-fiction books suitable for Prep – Year 6.

The gift was made possible because of the generosity of Keith Maxwell McKenzie Will Trust, in honour of the teacher whose passion for education, children and their welfare transcended life itself to provide joy and learning long after his passing.  This collection has pride of place in the middle of our library and borrowing has already commenced.  A special nameplate denotes these books purchased with the $5,000 donated, expressing our appreciation for Keith’s generosity.

Fiction and non-fiction as text types place different demands on
readers (Hammond & Nessel, 2011; Opitz, Rubin, &
Erekson, 2011). Yopp & Yopp (2006, p. 37), along
with numerous other writers, maintain that there
should be MUCH more reading of non-fiction texts as
they “provide answers to children’s questions about
their world and build background knowledge crucial
to text comprehension.”

Our Staff are out of this world (or off the planet!)

They say that being an astronaut is easy if you have a good altitude; and whilst we couldn’t have real astronauts visit us (the cost was astronomical), our Year 6 students were over the moon when their teachers came dressed the part as a stimulus for their writing.  The children had so many activities, including making space food, (the space food restaurant wouldn’t make the good food guide though – it had no atmosphere!)  Of course, the kids heard a million dad jokes that day, but most went over their heads.  Dear teachers, Yoda best!

Beacy’s Got Talent

Every other year we enjoy a celebration of the richness of the diversity of talent that our children bring to our school and our lives in “Beacy’s got talent”.  Every second year, each level puts forward representatives to share music (Senior Choir, Rebecca M, Talia M and Esther R. pictured), dance, magic (Mathijs C and Ben S) and this year, even a comedian (Lily B – watch for her in years to come!) and we have the opportunity to enjoy the talents of many as we narrow down to the final few acts shared at a whole school event.  On this day, we are all winners as these wonderful talents perform for their peers and teachers.

Congratulations to Erin S. – Grey Wolf

Erin S, who attends 1st Beaconsfield-Officer Scout Group was awarded her Grey Wolf badge on Tue 8th October.
The Grey Wolf Award is the highest achievement for a Cub,  It is the Cub’s equivalent to the Queen Scout Award and Erin to complete:

  • The Gold Boomerang
  • attend at least 4 outdoor activities in the past year.
    • One must be an overnight camp
    • One must be an inter-pack activity
    • One must be a bushwalk, of at least 2 hours, planned and led by the cub.
    • Any other outdoor activity
  • Have attended at least 2 pack councils in the past year
  • Have completed at least 4 Level Two badges, including one from each category
  • Have completed a special interest badge
  • and present a resource for your pack, based on the Jungle Books.

It was hard work to complete all the requirements, but she enjoyed every part of it.

Congratulations Erin!

News From Mrs A

Welcome Back to Term 4 (Already?!)
We hope you all had a restful break and are all ready for a busy term ahead. This term we have many things to look forward to like camps, excursions and sporting events. We hope that our students and teachers enjoy their camping experiences and that the weather holds out for them! Gary, Heidi and I love to join our kids on camp and are hoping that at least one of us will be able to drop in for a visit on the upcoming camps.  Keep an eye on the blogs for photos.

Cyber Safety

We have been having a number of conversations with our students about cyber safety.  It seems that some of our students are accessing social media accounts such as Tic Toc, Instagram and Facebook.  Social media accounts usually require users to be at least 13 years of age to sign up. Prior to this age (and sometimes beyond) they are not ready to handle the very complex minefield that can exist in an online environment.  Please ensure that your children know that the internet is a public space — nothing is private, and that they should be vigilant in protecting their private information.  Parents should be monitoring any online activity, to help guide their children and help them to navigate safely.  Below is a link to very useful website to help parents deal with raising children in a digital world.

Prep Transition

It has been lovely to see our next year’s prep children coming in for their transition sessions and their EYE assessments.  These sessions provide excellent opportunities for us to get to know each other and help to provide a smooth transition into their new environment.

Planning for 2020

We are commencing our planning for 2020. This can only be done when we have accurate enrolment numbers, and therefore we appreciate early notification of people enrolling or exiting for 2020.

Often parents worry about how their children will cope in a new classroom with a new teacher and with new friends. From experience, we have found that our children are far more resilient than you think and actually revel in the opportunity presented in experiencing new things. Our teachers benefit from being moved around the school too! Our current method of mixing up the groupings for various learning experiences, actually provides opportunities for children to work with friends and teachers in other classes. Over the next few weeks our Student Welfare team are working on running activities so that our children meet other children and teachers from different grade levels, hopefully this will help to alleviate anxiety about making new friends.

Should you have requests for 2020 they must be put in writing and submitted to the Office by November 11. Any requests based on sound educational reasons will be considered but this does not necessarily mean that they will, or can be accommodated. Our teaching staff always take into consideration friendship groups, social/emotional implications and educational reasons when placing students in classes. Requests for individual teachers or requests based on gender will not be considered.

In the near future the children will be asked to list a group of approximately five friends. It may prove useful for parents to discuss this with their children.

Only this year’s requests are considered therefore any requests need to be put in writing each year.

Office News

Remembrance Day

We will be holding our Remembrance Ceremony on Monday 11th November at 2:50pm. The ceremony will be held on our oval at our Amnesty Garden (weather permitting) with our normal assembly following at the conclusion of our ceremony.

The ceremony will be run by our Student Representative Council (SRC). We are happy for our community to attend but we do ask that toddlers are quiet during the ceremony and no one is playing on the playground.

We will provide some seating for our community. If you require a seat, please let our office staff know so we can reserve a seat for you.

Our Grade 6 students will be visiting the classrooms selling Remembrance Day items. Prices ranging from poppy badges $2 and $5, wristbands $3 and pins $5.

Students leaving at the end of the year

To help with our planning in 2020, we ask if you are leaving our school at the end of the year that you let us know in writing. A simple email ( or written note to the office with your child/children’s name, grade, date they are leaving and which school they are transferring to would be very much appreciated as soon as you are aware. Thank you for your assistance.

Anaphylaxis/Asthma Updates

Anaphylaxis and Asthma are both very serious medical conditions that need continual review and management. It is school policy that these plans are reviewed by your family Doctor and updated every 12 months. A copy must then be supplied to the school so that we have an updated record on file for your child, along with any medication they require.

If you have recently received an email/phone call in regards to your child’s anaphylaxis/asthma plan, Ventolin or Spacer, can you please follow this up and supply the necessary medications to the office as soon as possible. Further phone calls will be made in the coming weeks. Any queries, please contact Melissa in sickbay.

House Meetings

The last house meeting for the year will be held on Monday 2nd December.

October Birthday’s

Patrick V, Izzy K, Matilda C, Ruby W, Olivia H, Sayumi A, Kupa C, Zaiden I, Lachlan M, Dylan T, Charlie M, Eli P, Sadie V, Zahra H, Brooklyn H, Atia B, Jaide N, Elise B, Matthew G, Ashley G, Harper S, Isaac S, Bonnie W, Paige F, Ethan B, Austin B, Archer S, Kate E, Lily M, Joe N, William S, Ruby V, Seth R, Maddie K, Maxwell M, Kaelen H, Oscar Y, Olivia C, Luke M, Mitchell H, Lachlan R, Talia H, William W, Ange T, Hunter F, Tyler M, Tyler D, Thai E, Jack B, Chantelle F, Samantha B, Max B, Cameron V, Cleo M, Cruz D, Tilly T, Angle C, Sarah F, Jasper S, Demjen T, Conor R, Ava F, Andre S, Harry B, Charlotte K, Lucy T and Riley L

Principal’s Patch 22nd August 2019


Book Week – Dress up

On Monday 17th of August we celebrated Book Week along with libraries and schools right across Australia. Throughout this week our teachers have conducted lots of activities celebrating our great Australian and overseas authors and illustrators, and reminding us all about the importance of reading.

One of our favourite Book Week activities is when the children come to school dressed as their favourite characters and the celebrations certainly brought out the best in costume design this year with an amazing collection of characters from their books. We certainly have a creative community and our students shared their favourite stories and characters with their teachers and friends. I am sure the costumes get better and better each year!

Science Night – We have lift off!

Our science team have worked so hard over the last few years to develop an interesting program to hook students into STEM and give them the basics of how the world works from a science/technology point of view and it was quite appropriate to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with this very special night all about the moon. A big thanks to the parents, children and teachers who came in and made this night so much fun!


Leadership Lunch with Brad Battin

Brad Battin hosted his annual Leadership Lunch on the 7th of August with our four school captains, they were given the opportunity to meet with their peers from every primary school from the Gembrook electorate.  Brad delivered an inspiring analysis of the nature of leadership whilst the children enjoyed pizza and soft drinks and had the opportunity to talk with and learn with their peers. A big thanks to Brad Battin for taking the time to engage and listen to the youth of Gembrook and work to develop their leadership skills.


NAIDOC week was celebrated across Beaconsfield Primary School with artwork, stories and Aboriginal perspectives of our history shared across all year levels. Our Koorie children attended a special celebration at John Henry PS in Pakenham, joining with hundreds of Koorie kids from across our network. Australia’s precious Aboriginal cultural heritage, stretching back some 60,000 years gives us a rich and colourful insight into the earliest stories, dance and artwork of the oldest and longest lasting civilisation in the world. Our Preps, Oscar and Archie are pictured here sharing a story on how the birds got their colours.

Staff News

I would like to officially congratulate Heidi Inglis on securing the position as Assistant Principal of Beaconsfield Primary School joining Mrs. Amos and myself in the principalship. Heidi has been working in an acting position for the last 3 years or so, and her work with our staff has been vital in securing a strong and viable curriculum and, through the implementation of PLC’s, securing the PLC vehicle for continuous teacher growth and development. Working with our PLC leaders, Heidi has played a large part in “bumping up” our skills and inspiring us all to be our best, leading the work to shape us as a link school. Most important however is her love and care for our Beacy kids, for whom she has worked so tirelessly  – Heidi embodies the Beacy spirit and today we celebrate her step into the Principalship.

Cheers Gary.

Office News

Curriculum Day

Our next Curriculum Day is Monday 2nd September. Please mark this date on your calendar as no students are required at school.

End of term

The last day of Term 3 is Friday 20th September finishing at 2:30pm. Term 4 resumes on Monday 7th October.

Anaphylaxis/Asthma Updates

Anaphylaxis and Asthma are both very serious medical conditions that need continual review and management. It is school policy that these plans are reviewed by your family Doctor and updated every 12 months. A copy must then be supplied to the school so that we have an updated record on file for your child, along with any medication they require.

If you have recently received an email/phone call in regards to your child’s anaphylaxis/asthma plan, Ventolin or Spacer, can you please follow this up and supply the necessary medications to the office as soon as possible. Further phone calls will be made in the coming weeks. Any queries, please contact Melissa in sickbay.

Spare clothes

Can you please make sure that your child has a spare change of clothes in their school bag – top, pants, socks and if they are in the junior grade, underwear. Sometimes students get a bit muddy or slip over and we will be contacting parents if their child needs a change of clothes due to being wet or muddy. We do not have a large supply of spare clothes to cater for every shape and size.

If any families have any old pants or shorts you would like to donate to the sick bay we would love to have them 🙂

Winter Clothing

Please ensure your children’s jackets and any wet weather clothing is labelled clearly. We are finding lots of lost jackets in the yard.

Children are welcome to bring slippers to wear while in their classroom. They are also welcome to bring a pair of gumboots to wear while playing in the yard, as the grounds are very muddy.

HPV News

On Saturday the 3rd of August, 19 riders from the Beacy HPV Team turned up to a very cold, wet and dreary Casey Fields race track, ready to compete in the long 12 hour race. The weather didn’t dampen the spirits or the excitement and determination of the team, with every rider giving each lap their personal best.

The day didn’t get off to the most terrific start for team Storm, having some mechanical difficulty getting the HPV moving during the rolling start lap. But in no time at all with thanks to Mr. Cole (and a few parents) Storm was racing around the track at wonderful speed.

As the day went on we saw a typical display of Melbourne weather. It was windy, rainy, and sunny all within 45 minutes. Then the rain returned and settled in for the evening. This made riding conditions in the dark quite tricky, with windows fogging up for team Storm and the riders from Ironman becoming drenched without any covering from the rain. However the team soldiered on and the rain didn’t bother anyone in the slightest. With only the one mechanical difficulty and a flat tyre for each team during the day the teams successfully completed what was one of the longest continuous races Beacy HPV has competed in before.

Ironman finished 15th with 93 laps in the Junior category. Storm finished 4th with 143 laps in the Junior Open category.

And now for the thankyou’s. The team would like to thank all the families for their tremendous support before, during and after the event. Thank you to those who helped get the vehicles race ready, loading the trailer, set up, timing, marshalling, assisting riders get in and out of the vehicles, pack up, unloading the trailer and making sure everything was cleaned and hung out to dry. Thank you to those who are almost ready to race with us over the next few months for coming down and supporting us. Thank you to the riders, you did an outstanding job in some unpleasant conditions. Your Beacy spirit, resilience and determination shined through, and we couldn’t be prouder of you.

Our next race is on the 12th of October at Casey Fields. More information, permission forms, payment details and scrutineering dates will be provided through email and QKR! to the race team in the near future.

If you are in Grade 3, 4, 5 or 6, have turned 9 years old and are interested in giving HPV a go, see Mr. Cole or Miss. Audsley for more information. Training is on Wednesdays, in the shed from 3:45pm – 4:45pm.

P&F News

The P&F have had a very busy Term 3 with completing our Cadbury’s chocolates fundraiser and organising our Fathers Day Raffle and Stall which were both held this week.

We would like to thank the following businesses for donations of prizes

  • Lets Unwine
  • EA Health and Fitness
  • Ducky in the Field Café
  • Cardinia Beaconhills Golf Links
  • Moonlit Sanctuary
  • Lunar Drive In
  • Oz Ten Pin Bowl
  • Shanikas Pakenham
  • Andrews Barbershop – Beaconsfield

Congratulations to all our winners!!!

1st        West P

2nd       Harry F

3rd        Samantha S

4th        Katrina G

5th        Dusty E

6th        Jackson O

7th        Madden D

8th        Tayla B

9th        Charlotte B

10th      Henry B

11th      Violet C

12th      Jayde M

13th      Amelia W

A big thankyou also goes out to all the parents who came to help out at our Fathers Day stall. We hope our dads and loved ones enjoy receiving their gifts.

In the last week of term, Tuesday 17th September, we will be holding treat day – cookies and drink. Orders will be open on QKR! Until Friday 6th September

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th October at 9:15am in the staff room. We will be finalising term 4 activities and starting to plan for 2020. If anyone has any suggestions for fundraising ideas, we would love you to come and share them with us.

Katrina Kapsis

P&F president


August birthday’s

Samuel, Alexis, Jack, Noah, Kai, Louis, Amelie, Olivia, Oscar, Riley, Saylah, Ben, Ariana, Tahlia, Louise, James, Lucy, Keira, Madison, Matilda, Emma, Jack, Rory, Harry, Sienna, Archie, Blake, Erin, Liam, Brayden, Caitlyn, Kathryn, Zye, Zoe, Abigail, Sonny, Tyler, Mathilda, Sienna, Aiden, Jacob, Sayla, Zack, Emily, Shayla, Luke, Laylah, Aston, Coby, Samantha, Ashley, Lucian, Levi, Jack, Isabella, Billy, Julia, Edan, Nate, Lincoln, Jai, Madelyn, Toby, Madelyn, Regan, Miles, William, Isiah and Noah.

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